May 23, 2006

Little Compton's 2006 Financial Town Meeting lasted all of 40 minutes on Tuesday night, May 23, 2006.  Approximately 260 people were in attendance.  Elmer Cornwell was the Town Moderator substituting for Joe Hagan who was ill.  Elmer did a great job drawing from his 20 years of experience in doing it.

A motion was made by Bob Mushen, Town Council President, to group Articles 6 through 61 into a single vote using the amounts recommended by the Budget Committee.  With only two people objecting to that, the motion carried and the entire budget was approved in a single vote.

The end result is that the Tax Rate will go up 4.7% as of July 1, 2006.

Accolades go to the Budget Committee, Town Council, and the School Committee/Administration for making this possible.  They worked hard and achieved the desired results.  So did your Taxpayers Association!  We worked with all the committees to insure that the taxpayers were considered in all financial matters.

The Taxpayers Association does feel that more could be done to further reduce the budget and will continue to work in that direction.  However, 4.7% is the best we've seen in a long time.